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What are tints and how are they used?

Tints are useful tools to help alleviate photophobia or

light sensitivity in patients indoors and/or outdoors. 

Tints have studied to be beneficial in the use of enhancing contrast, alleviating light sensitivity, and even improving symptoms associated with migraines. At Excel Neuro-Optometric Clinic, we use tints to help alleviate light sensitivity found in our patients, predominantly in our traumatic brain injury population. Our clinic has a specific collection of therapeutic tints that vary in colors from blues, pinks, greens, and yellow to help our patients. These tints can be beneficial to help alleviate light sensitivity outdoors (on sunny days, or bright days after a big snow fall) and indoors. Traumatic brain injury patients have a higher tendency to suffer from light sensitivity indoors. Indoor lighting has been shown to be a trigger for light sensitivity based on the types of light bulbs being used. In addition, these light bulbs, which are great for cost and energy efficiency, usually have a critical flicker frequency. 

Unfortunately, in TBI patients, this CFF may be triggering their symptoms as well as the specific colors from the bulbs themselves. The tints help to block some of the light and quiet the visual system in hopes of reducing or alleviating the light sensitivity. 

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