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About Great Lakes Vision Rehabilitation at Excel

Excel Neuro-Optometric Clinic Team Photo

Great Lakes Vision Rehabilitation at Excel est. 2004 (formerly the Excel Neuro-Optometric Clinic) has been helping change patients lives through vision therapy and rehabilitation since Dr. Danna Haba established the clinic in 2004. She had a vision to help improve the visual systems of patients of all ages, and has helped patients with strabismus, amblyopia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, autism, convergence insufficiency and other binocular vision dysfunctions, and more! In 2019, after Dr. Aaron Nichols completed his residency from the State University of New York Optometry School, Dr. Haba recruited him to join her clinic. Dr. Nichols joined Excel eager to join an established clinic that has been helping patients for many years. We are one of the few vision clinics in Michigan that specializes specifically in vision therapy and rehabilitation only.

In 2021, the GLVR team was again ready to grow and had the pleasure of having Dr. Damien Gietzen join the team. He joined after completing his National Institute of Health sponsored fellowship through the Padula Institute of Vision in Connecticut.

In December of 2022, Dr. Nichols bought Excel Neuro-Optometric Clinic from Dr. Danna Haba. The transition took place over the calendar year of 2022, and Dr. Nichols is excited to continue the legacy of Excel as Great Lakes Vision Rehabilitation! 

Today both Doctor Nichols and Gietzen are involved in research at the national level and lecture locally and nationally. They are joined by a team of vision therapists and occupational therapists who are experienced in vision therapy and rehabilitation in treating patients with many different vision dysfunctions.

Our clinic is accepting new patients and excited to help provide optimal visual systems to our patients. Our expertise and experience has afforded us the opportunity to continue to help patients and improve both subjective (i.e., patient's complaints and symptoms) and objective (e.g. sensorimotor status, accommodation, vergence skills (eye teaming, etc.) data!

Our Team.

Our team of neuro-optometrists, vision therapists, occupational therapists, and patient care coordinators are excited to work with you to improve your visual system. Please click the links below to learn more about our team members!

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